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Getwebstack offers a quick way to build a full-stack application and deploy it locally and in the cloud, with the help of prebuilt, cloud native, micro-apps. We promote breaking the monolith architecture into composable and reusable modules from the beginning, starting from well-defined business areas.

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Why micro-apps?

Micro-apps separate different areas of an application based on the business value. This helps with the maintenance, scalability, costs and lowers the complexity, while enabling the split of responsibility between different teams.

See more about the architecture here.

Prebuilt components

We offer prebuilt components based on the most popular web technologies. Some of our components are:

  • Micro-frontends:
    • Angular
    • React
    • Vue
    • Ember
    • Svelte
  • Micro-services:
    • Express.js
    • NestJS
    • Websockets
  • Databases:
    • MongoDb
    • MysqlDb
    • Redis
    • PostgreSQL
  • Advanced:
    • Wordpress
    • Docusaurus

See all components here.

Staying informed

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