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Quick start

Getwebstack offers a cli, gws, through which you can build and manage your app.

1. Prerequisites

gws is build using NodeJs. Please install node and npm. You can install from here.

2. Install gws

Install the cli.

npm install -g @getwebstack/gws

3. Login

In order to have access to the features of the CLI, you must first log in.

gws login

3. Create a new project

Now you can create your first project.

gws project init --name cool-project

4. Add a landing-page

We will use a prebuilt frontend component based on Angular from our library of micro-frontends.

You will need to mention what is the route where the component will be accessible from, as well as associating a local domain. In this example we will route all the traffic to the landing page.

gws component add --name landing --template angular
? Route path: /(.*)
? Local host:

You can check all the available components here.

5. Start your app locally

This will start a local cluster and deploy the project.

gws cluster start

The components have live reloading enabled. If you change something in the code of the component, the changes will automatically apply.

6. Check deployment status

While the project is initialised you can check the status of deployment for the landing component.

gws component status landing

7. Check logs

In addition to the status, you can also check the logs in the component to get more details.

gws component logs landing

8 Test the app

Once the setup of the component is complete you can test it in your browser.